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Our Dry Heat Sterilizer is a excellent precision instrument utilizing all the enhanced techniques developed in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of dry heat sterilizers. The Dry-Heat sterilization process is accomplished by conduction; that is where heat is engrossed by the external surface of an item and then passed inner to the next layer. Eventually, the entire item reaches the accurate temperature required to achieve sterilization.

Dry heat sterilizers are chiefly used for sterilizing a variety of pharmaceutical products counting ampoules, injection bottles, infusion bottles and production equipment. It is used for Sterilization of glass containers like ampoules, vials metallic containers. It is specially designed compact unit for Rubber stopper drying.
Dry Heat Sterilizer, Dry Heat Sterilization

Pharmaceutical Sterilizers like CIP System, Dry Heat Sterilizer, ETO Sterilizer, Sterile Garment Cabinet, Sterilizing Tunnel, SIP System, Steam Sterilizer used for sterilization of pharma equipment

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Capacity: 50 Liters to 1000 Liters.


  • Class 100 sterilizers
  • MOC SS 304 / 316 / 316L.
  • The Holders are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • PLC or Manual Optional Available.
  • Cooling coils for rapid cooling during cooling cycle
  • Electrical door interlocks with visual indication
  • Hepa filtration for cooling cycle air

Application of Dry Heat Sterilizers:-

  • Sterilizing Laboratory Instruments
  • Sterilizing Ampoules
  • Sterilizing Injection Bottles
  • Sterilizing Pharmaceutical Vessels and Containers
  • Sterilizing medical instruments

ETO Sterilization in Pharmaceutical Industry

EtO gas filters packages as well as products to kill micro organisms that are left during production or packaging processes. This gas, mixed with air at a ratio of at least 3% EtO gas, forms an explosive mixture, potent in killing pathogens. Consisting of electrical heating jackets, these sterilizers provide excellent steam and temperature distribution in the heating chamber. The machines are also equipped with automatic temperature control mechanism, in which bacteria die from the coagulation or de-naturation of the protein constituents.

ETO Sterilization Process

A properly ETO sterilization equipment should be capable to handle every type of medical device and permeable packaging configuration. Most EtO sterilization process involves three different stages:

  • Pre conditioning
  • Sterilizer
  • Degasser

Applications of ETO Sterilizers

  • In hydration plants
  • In plywood industries
  • In food industries
  • In pharmaceutical products, hospitals etc.

What is Ethylene oxide?

Ethylene oxide or ETO is a chemical used in the pharma industry to sterilize medical devices. It is also used to make other chemicals. Ethylene oxide is colorless and considered a relatively toxic liquid and gas. It can be mixed in all proportions with water, ethers, alcohols, and other organic solvents.

Dry Heat Sterilizer, Dry Heat Sterilizer in India.

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